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Company headquarters address: Ji'nan, Shandong, China, No. 17923, No. ten road, Shandong University, Qianfo Hill campus.

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German customer from World top-500 company come to our company and successfully accepted the 41 kinds of new product samples

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From July 23 to July 27 , German customers, one of the world's top 500 companies,  came to our company to conduct the acceptance of 41 kinds of new product samples.

The five-day acceptance process was tense but very smooth.  Under the strict acceptance of German customer inspectors , the newly manufactured products have reached their "Acceptance Standards ".  The German customer purchasing manager is very satisfied with this acceptance and speak highly of our company.

As for this visit, accompanied by the company's leaders ,  firstly we visited the technical research and development department,  production plant area, product testing area, product archives room and employee training room etcs.  During the visit, the customers highly praised our production process and production management.


Visit the Technology R&D Department:


visit production plant area:



Visit product testing area:



Visit product archives room:


Visit employee training room




Meeting conclusion:


     During the acceptance of these new products, German customers visited the site and fully felt the technical strength of our company and the technical accumulation of aluminum alloy casting production technology and new technology research in many years,  and give fully affirmation and praise for  company's on-site production management, quality management and service system, laying a more solid foundation for long-term cooperation in the future.

In the future development , we will work harder to provide customers with better products , better service . We will continue adhere to the principle that “ mutual benefit and win-win, and create brilliant together ”!

News detail

Nonferrous metal casting

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