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Siemens Canada, one of the world's top 500 companies, launched a video link with our company Conduct acceptance of new samples

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On May 15,2020, the Canadian customer of Siemens entrusted its quality engineer from the Shanghai office of Siemens to come to our factory for on-site acceptance of new samples. Meanwhile, the Canadian customer was fully involved in the acceptance process through the live video link with us.

At 8 o'clock in the morning,the relevant personnel of the company came to the quality inspection department to make preparations before the sample acceptance. At 9 o'clock, the Canadian customer began to connect with us via video link,and all the quality personnel, technical personnel and purchasing personnel of Candan company entered the video conference. After the leaders of our company warmly greeted with customers, the acceptance work officially began:

According to the customer's request, we first check the size of the parts. For each dimension measured on site, the measured value will be reported to the customer.After the customer agrees, the next dimension will be measured.In the joint effort of measurement personnel, recording personnel,and related support personnel,after two and a half hours of careful testing,we successfully completed 89 places of size measurement marked on the drawings , and all size are in the range of tolerance, customers are very satisfied with the result of the measurement, and speak highly of products quality of our company !


Then we went to the hydraulic test area to test the tightness of the parts. According to the drawing requirements, we need to increase the pressure to 0.24Mpa and hold the pressure for 15 minutes. If there is no leakage point in the whole process, it means the parts are qualified. In the actual test, we immersed the parts in the water, raised the pressure to 0.25MPa(greater than the required pressure) and held the pressure for 15 minutes, without finding any leakage point during the whole process. The Canadian customer witnessed the whole process from the video and was satisfied with the test results .



The success of the sample acceptance of Siemens Canada customer is of great significance to the customer and our company. Under the influence of the global epidemic situation, our company is able to produce qualified products so quickly, which not only protects our customers from losses, but also ensures our sustainable development. The customer expressed sincere thanks to us for our efforts!

The successful acceptance of the sample gave the customer a deep understanding of our company's professional technology, and enabled us to expand the Canadian market of Siemens. The customer said that they would give more products for our company in the future.


Look forward our cooperation with Siemens Canada customers is getting better and better!

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Nonferrous metal casting

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