Nonferrous metal casting

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Company headquarters address: Ji'nan, Shandong, China, No. 17923, No. ten road, Shandong University, Qianfo Hill campus.

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One of the world's top 500 Italian customers came to our company to visit and discuss business

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OnNovember23,agroupofthreeItalianclients,oneoftheworld'stop500companies,whohavecooperatedwithourcompanyfor16years,cametoourcompanyforinspectionandbusinessnegotiation.Theleadersofourcompany makesthewar

On November 23, a group of three Italian clients ,  one of the world's top 500 companies, who have cooperated with our company for 16 years,  came to our company for inspection and business negotiation . The leaders of our company makes the warm reception of them , and the two sides had a pleasant exchange and communication on further expanding the in-depth cooperation and other issues , and reached an agreement.

In the whole trip ,  the company leader guided the customer to visit each link of the workshop production process ,  and introduced the  continuous improvement and innovation measures of product production process, quality control and production process to the customer in detail.




After this visit, the customer expressed his appreciation and recognition for our company and our products,  and he was full of confidence. The customer indicated that he would continue to increase the order quantity to our company in fiscal year 2019 , and hoped that the two sides would cooperate in the next 16 years  and  longer!    

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Nonferrous metal casting

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