Nonferrous metal casting

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Jinan Shanda Nonferrous Metal Casting Co., Ltd.

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Company headquarters address: Ji'nan, Shandong, China, No. 17923, No. ten road, Shandong University, Qianfo Hill campus.

Detecting Instruments

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  We used the following detecting methods to control the product quality.:
Helium mass spectrum leak detector produced by Shimadzu Corporation JPN to detect the parts leak or not;
Spectrometer produced by Arun, UK to analyze the chemical composition of aluminum alloy;
Coordinate Measuring Machine produced by VGS, UK to precisely measure the dimension of parts;
X-ray detector produced by Dandong NDT Equipment Co., Ltd to detect if there are defects inside the parts;



Production Equipment

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Nonferrous metal casting

Tel: 0086-531-82928176  
       0086 133 3515 1886
E-mail: Jennifer.yang

Headquarters address: Ji'nan, Shandong, China. Route ten

No. 17923 Shandong University Qianfo Hill Campus.

Factory address: Zhangqiu District, Ji'nan, Shandong, China.

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