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1. Establishment and execution of regional sales plan: According to the demand analysis of target customers in the region and the annual sales plan of the company, decompose and formulate the specific sales target of sales personnel in the region; organize subordinates to implement sales policies and strategies, guide subordinates'sales business skills, check and supervise the completion of sales plan. 2. Sales receivables: guide subordinates to collect information, evaluate customer credit and the importance of the company, examine and approve customer credit lines, and keep track of credit usage to ensure that they are in the normal range; monthly analysis of subordinate accounts receivable Feedback information to guide subordinates to improve their skills and ensure smooth recovery.
3. Sales expenses control: According to the company's sales expenses management regulations and sales department's expense budget indicators, organize subordinates to complete sales tasks strictly in accordance with the expense budget indicators, audit sales discounts, audit, control and continuously reduce sales expenses, ensure the completion of the company's sales expenses control indicators;
4. Market development: According to the company's business development strategy and sales department's business objectives, cooperate with the market department to organize and implement the regional market development plan and specific implementation plan, promote the promotion of the company and product brand; understand customer demand dynamics, guide subordinates to tap potential customers, and track customer development; To achieve the goal of increasing market share.
5. Customer relationship management: according to the needs of the company's business development, through organizing and arranging customers of the region under its jurisdiction to visit the company and establish smooth customer communication channels; responsible for visiting important customers in the region, supervising and inspecting the regular visits of salesmen to customers, and keeping abreast of customer requirements; and Handle customer objections and complaints to improve customer satisfaction and establish long-term, good and stable regional customer relationship.
6. After-sales service: According to the company's after-sales service regulations and product characteristics, through communication with customer service, technology and other related departments, to assist in organizing and coordinating the arrival of goods, product installation, technical support, after-sales maintenance and other work in the area under its jurisdiction, to jointly achieve the goal of after-sales service;
7. Sales Information Management: According to the company's business development needs and regional market characteristics, organize subordinates to collect information on the changes in the region's product market, sales strategies and marketing strategies of key competitors, and market information analysis, forecast and formulate countermeasures, timely provide recommendations to the relevant departments; provide customer files; Make a comprehensive analysis of the transaction records, ensure the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the sales information, and support the decision-making of sales, procurement and production.
8. Sales team building: According to the company's long-term development needs and rules and regulations, organize recruitment, training, assignment of tasks and business guidance to subordinates, formulate subordinates'evaluation objectives and regularly communicate the results of performance evaluation, make recommendations for improvement, help subordinates to improve work performance and enhance team cohesion And the spirit of cooperation to establish an efficient sales team to support the achievement of sales goals.

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Nonferrous metal casting

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